McDonalds Goes Beyond Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat stock falls after conclusion of McDonald’s McPlant test…

McDonald’s said it has concluded the U.S. test of its McPlant burger as planned.

Analyst research reported lackluster demand for the meatless burger, which is made using Beyond Meat patties.

McDonald’s sells the McPlant burger in several European markets but hasn’t announced a nationwide launch for the menu item in its home market yet.

A few weeks ago I was in the supermarket and noticed that chicken breasts were $3.97/lb.

Then I saw the special on 93/07 ground beef for $1.97/lb and asked, “Why would anyone mess with chicken?”

Beyond Meat is going to have a tough time competing with discount prices on real meat. I understand that the Western drought is causing ranchers to sell off their herds.


I tried a “beyond meat” veggie burger as a sample at Costco.

Is there an emoji for sticking out your tongue?

Veggies are good. If you want to eat veggies, just eat them fresh, don’t smush them into a mess that’s supposed to taste like meat.

Maybe they would sell at a vegan restaurant but it’s nuts to think a McDonald’s customer would buy them.



I’ve tried a vegetable patty on a hamburger a few times. These were NOT Beyond Meat or similar products. They were just an unashamed vegetable patty, with the vegetables clearly visible in the patty. Most of the time I found it quite good. But I think the trick is not to suggest it is the equivalent of ground meat. Let it be a vegetable patty with its own flavor and texture.

I also like veggies as veggies. But I see nothing wrong with changing them up a bit for a somewhat different culinary experience.


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