Portfolio Changes and Stuff

Interesting day.

Sold MELI at the open for 6 week gain of +7.67% on the basis of its strong ER run and was all happy with myself. Now - for whatever reason, after a really nice report and a fat spike - it reversed with a complete dive down to just below where it started. So…in a rather knee jerk reaction I bought it back - seemed reasonable a the time. Bought it back at $1280.41. Good Grief.

Cut TMDX from the roster with a resulting 6-7% loss.

Cut IOT from the roster with about a break even result.

DDOG had a sort of pressure-valve-relief ER report with the stock climbing today about $10+ per share and a gain of greater than 15%. So… I sold it for a week or so short term gain of 13.63%. Intention is to buy it back later today when/if its rally fades.

Oh - Added a bit to TTD just because and thinking about cutting NET completely - it just don’t want to do right and there may be better players available. We’ll see.

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SHOP up 25% and not giving up raise like MELI. is it in your radar? is it just short squeze?

Hi Venumadi:

It’s sort of on my radar in that I have pretty solid position in GLBE.

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Portfolio Update on both MELI and DDOG.

File this under Why I am a boneheaded Amateur Investor:

MELI spiked - I sold for a nice gain. Next time I looked at it all the gain from the report run was gone far, far away. So…I bought most of what I sold back at $1,280. The problem of course was that MELI folks were deciding to take profit. A lot of profit. It finally landed today at $1,213 and some change. The nice profit I booked at the top got trimmed by about 2.5%. Luckily I had a Stop Loss at $1,250.00 that I didn’t even remember I had. All of which equates to a really stupid, messy amateur
mistake. Sigh.

DDOG - had it and needed a good report which came through. The stock popped and ran up about 14-15%. I sold with the intention of booking some profit and then buying back in when it surely faded a bit in the afternoon. The only problem was the dang thing didn’t fade - and to add insult to injury I had to buy it back for a buck/fifty or so higher than I sold it. Amateur move. Sigh again.

You know - we all make mistakes in investing - just comes with the territory; however, self inflicted investing damage two times in one day really makes you feel overwhelmingly stupid. I speak from experience.

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All the Best,