Michigan is going Chinese

Michigan has had an out-migration problem for several years. Since 1990, the state has lost three Congressional seats due to population loss, relative to other states.

However, in 2020 and 21, as in China, deaths in Michigan have exceeded births. In 2020, covid accounted for 13,002, and in 21, 14,973, so covid, by itself, accounts for just about all the deaths in excess of births. Complete birth numbers for 2022 are not available yet, but covid accounted for 12,861 deaths. Preliminary data indicates 2022 births were down from 20 and 21.



Sometimes I wonder if the people who are opposed to women having the right to control their bodies are wanting to control them not for religious or moral reasons but for economic reasons. Or maybe economics are their religion and morals.

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Absolutely it is only economic. Cheap labor is wanted and then abused within earshot. It is nasty way of being a boss. More using people or better yet just taking advantage and then telling people they were lucky.

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Let them make their own “labor force family” and not use other families.


Cendant depends on that. Often Indian or Pakistani families buy hotels along the highways. The head of a family will buy the hotel with a major loan. He then has to fix it up with some of that money. His extended family will work for food and little more. The ownership will last 20 years. Then Cendant will see a broken down hotel upon inspection and strip the branding off the property. Moving the brand down the highway to the next family of immigrants.

It becomes 20 or 30 years of free labor while Cendant gets about 5% of the revenues for the hotel brand.

Cendant is now Wyndham Worldwide