Middle East getting a bit hotter

The question is, is it a Mossad/CIA op to “send a message” to Iran, or the first strike in an internal revolution?


Do I have this straight?

A bunch of people were killed by a bomb during a ceremony honoring a man who spent his life planning and carrying out the killing of people using bombs.

My Irony Meter just broke.


More like things will cool off.

Iran has been funding everyone in sight to take shots in all directions. It just bit them hard.

This is like finding a horse head in your bed.

Yup. That is one of the possibilities, a Mossad or CIA op. Maybe Kurds. Maybe internal. Remember all the demonstrations against the theocracy a couple years ago?


That would be my guess, since it wasn’t a targeted assassination but just a bomb by the side of a memorial march.


I think CIA. The target was a reminder that we can reach you. We did reach this general. You have been taking shots at us. We will reach you. Cut the crap or up the anti.

Meanwhile, as suggested here before, the Gaza operation is looking more like ethnic cleansing every day. Earlier this morning, I read an article quoting Israeli government officials as saying they would like to see the Arab population of Gaza cut down to 100-200,000. Ministers said “the problem is finding a country willing to take them”.

This article from The Times Of Israel says there are secret talks underway to move Pals to the Congo, and other countries. As for the “voluntary” movement of Pals to central Africa, starve and bomb people enough, and they will “volunteer”, seems to be the plan.

A certain irony there seeing as Uganda was floated as an idea for a Jewish homeland once upon a time :thinking:

The current administration in the UK floated a plan to shift undesirables to Rwanda, but a court blocked the scheme.

If Rwanda, with it’s recent genocide, is “safe” for refugees, surely Mexico is.


Ship the Pals to TX. Then let the gun nuts go at it. How long will it be before the US idiots want to call in the US military? Days? Hours?

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The Islamic Jihad ISIS just took credit for the Iran grave side bombing that killed 84.

The battle among the Muslims for who is secular versus who can be more sectarian is the actual obstacle between all of us, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, and in particular Muslim, and actual peace.

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A US airstrike in Baghdad on Thursday killed the commander of an Iranian-backed Shia militia that Washington blames for attacks on American forces in the region, according to US officials…


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U.S. Secretly Alerted Iran Ahead of Islamic State Terrorist Attack
The confidential alert came after the U.S. acquired intelligence that Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan, ISIS-Khorasan, known as ISIS-K, was plotting to attack Iran, they said.

American officials said the information passed to Iran was specific enough about the location and sufficiently timely that it might have proved useful to Tehran in thwarting the attack on Jan. 3 or at least mitigating the casualty toll.

Iran, however, failed to prevent the suicide bombings in the southeastern town of Kerman, which targeted a crowd that was commemorating the anniversary of the death of Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds force. Soleimani was killed in a January 2020 drone attack near the Baghdad airport ordered by then-President Donald Trump.