Cannabis stocks

Any recommendations for further research into this industry? What do people here hold? Also, is the term “cannabis” and “marijuana” used interchangeably in the sector?

I’m thinking of Aurora and Charlotte (as written up by the Fool in some articles). I’m also wondering what pick/shovel ideas there are.

Thank you…

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Saul’s board is not very high on Cannabis stocks. They are afraid that their investment will go up in smoke.

However, if you are willing to have a mind expanding experience, then post over at the NPI board. There are very good investors there also. (Some frequent both boards as do lessor investors such as myself)

Like all stocks you want to see growth, not just in the field but in the quarterly sales numbers.

So if you want to be more than a token investor, get out your papers, roll up your sleeves and light up your candles and start working in the boring stuff.

Qazulight (Having VFF is worth it if all I ever did was make puns.)


You’re right. This joint could use some lightening up once in awhile. But don’t Bogart the board with this thread, lol.


Appreciate the replies, thanks! I laughed at them as well. Will check out the recommended board now…

Sorry guys, but as pointed out, cannabis stocks are Off-Topic for this board.
Thanks for your cooperation.


Hi esxokm,
Saul has specifically asked me to refrain from discussing pot stocks, so this will be brief.

I bought Canopy after Continental Brewing interjected $5B cash. But I sold not long after. It’s too early in this game to call winners when it comes to growers/processors/retailers. There’s just no way of predicting who will end up on top after the inevitable shakeout. IMO they are all a crap shoot.

I do own Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR). I’ve held it for two year +/- and it’s up over 250%. They are a REIT focused exclusively on providing facilities for medical marijuana growers/processors. That’s all I’m going to say about it other than I’ve kept my investment small. It also comes with a lot of risk. Counter intuitively, blanket legalization may hurt them badly as this would free up bank financing.

Good luck . . .



Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took me a while to get back here. Still researching, and I am looking into that idea now.

Thanks again…

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