…seems to be high growth and lots of attention. I don’t recollect seeing much conversation on this topic.

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I think everyone is waiting for several things.
That it becomes legal on the federal level.
Who the Starbucks of pot is going to be.

Beer and tobacco companies are buying into cannabis so that needs to come full circle.

I’ve posted a couple of times. But all pot stocks are speculative at this time so none of them are really appropriate for discussion here.

I’m long Canopy (CGC), one of the largest (if not the largest) Canadian pot companies. They just got a $4B cash infusion from Constellation brands (beer) so they have an enormous war chest and high caliber management. Also long Innovative properties (IIPR) a REIT infrastructure play in the US addressing the medical marijuana market. Also with high caliber, experienced management. My positions in both companies are tiny. They’ve both done well - so far.

I won’t write any further about these here.

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