MN has 2.2% unemployment rate…

Here are the current (April 2023) unemployment rates by state:

South Dakota    1.9%
Nebraska        2.0
New Hampshire   2.1
North Dakota    2.1
Alabama         2.2
Illinois        4.2%
Delaware        4.3
Washington      4.3
California      5.0
Nevada          5.4

And for the 10 states with the largest GDPs:

Florida         2.6%
Georgia         3.1
North Carolina  3.4
New Jersey      3.5
Ohio            3.7
Texas           4.0
New York        4.0
Pennsylvania    4.1
Illinois        4.2
California      4.5


Just for the sake of accuracy……

The CA rate is incorrect in the top chart but correct in the bottom chart. I think you may have snagged the DC rate in the top chart by accident.

Good catch. Thanks.


That tells me CA is run the best because it has the largest GDP.

It tells me SD, ND and AL are some of the worst by far run states because they have smaller GDPs.

Is that what you needed to hear?

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I don’t think there’s much of a correlation between GDP size and unemployment rate. However, as you might expect, there is a bit of one between GDP growth and unemployment (see, for example, Okun’s law).


On the other hand, there might be a correlation between violent crime and red states. Meanwhile the safest states have a decidedly blue tinge.


The difference is stark, when you narrow it to gun violence…but gun violence is “freeedom”.

Hello? The thread discussion is about unemployment rates. Is there a correlation?


Sorry, I thought it was about your usual topic, which is to find anything to disparage blue states.

There is no correlation that I can see between GDP growth/state and unemployment rate if one uses real data. Okun’s law often holds true, but not always. Here is a comparison of blue vs red state per capita GDP.

Prior to the pandemic, blue states were consistently growing GDP per capita faster than red states since the Great Recession. Here is the unemployment comparison.

Let me know if you see a correlation between GDP growth per capita and unemployment because I don’t. Looks to me like blue states grow GDP faster than the red variety, but unemployment is about the same.

In a couple of years we might have enough data to see if the same relationships hold true post-pandemic.

Those numbers on violence are daunting.

Glad I live in CT.

No wonder poor white Americans think there is a law and order problem in the US. In their ignorant states they are killing each other.

Well, the red/blue thing is okay but at least make it related to the topic.


The red states do not actually practice econ so much so they might as well be off topic.

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I do not fully understand what those states are practicing. Hurt whoever you can? I guess. Just save yourself? Something like that.

They use “faith-based or religious” economics, whatever THAT is. However, it NEVER works (guess why).

I was responding to your post, which seem to imply that red states were better performing than blue states. That was the topic my post on violent crime was addressing.

It is actually a bit of a challenge to find any positive thing that red states do better than blue states. Give it a try, but see if you can base it on more than single month of data. No doubt Fox or the Washington Examiner have done surveys of this type.

Teen pregnancy. Red states definitely far ahead and have a lot more teen pregnancy. More is better, right?

So you’re saying the USA is the best run country.


“Traditional family values”


“Keep it in the family” tends to have negative outcomes (inbreeding).

Relatively speaking we were slipping very badly. Note the outsourcing of factories. We are going to go to new heights as long as we do not revert to austerity.