More accurate loss count in war, NYT…

The article gets into the Russian moral. It is missing in some interesting ways. Russian soldiers are not bringing their dead comrades home.

Snippet on losses:

Neither side’s claims have been independently verified, and Biden administration officials have refused to discuss casualty figures publicly. But one American official put the Russian losses as of Monday at 2,000, an estimate with which two European officials concurred.

Senior Pentagon officials told lawmakers in closed briefings on Monday that Russian and Ukrainian military deaths appeared to be the same, at around 1,500 on each side in the first five days, congressional officials said. But they cautioned that the figures — based on satellite imagery, communication intercepts, social media and on-the-ground media reports — were estimates.

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I point out a nuance here. There are Russian soldiers, Chechnyain soldiers and Ukrainian separatist. The separatist have been fighting this war for 8 years and have some grudges against some of the Ukrainian militias.

There will be a long a bloody battle Mariupol (I have been told by casual sources, these have been wrong in the past) This appears that the DPR (Donetsk People Republic) will

be facing Azov (Azov Battalion.

We can expect the fighting to be bloody, and for atrocities to abound.

As it is strategically important, we should see a lot of resources go into this battle from both sides.