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Did the motley fool change that we cannot see individual fools stocks? Because I can’t find those anymore. And if that is the case why?


They made some legal changes and are now displaying all investments held by all employees and select contractors on one page which you can find at the link below. Individual holdings no longer need to be disclosed since they are included in this list.


That’s an interesting way to present the data.

244 instances of Vanguard.
736 occurrences of the word Fund.
353 occurrences of ETF.

Berkshire Hathaway (B shares) number 26
Berkshire Hathaway (A shares) 10 or Fewer
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 10 or Fewer
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 10 or Fewer

Constellation Software appears twice, next to each other. Topaz Energy Corp also appears twice, but on different lines.

So members are now unable to view which fool analysts own which companies? That does seem much less transparent.


The old policy is better in my opinion


I let them know and this is what they said
As a result of a long series of conversations with Motley Fool employees and analysts, we have removed the requirement that individual contributors at The Motley Fool list their stock positions on a community profile page. This was done for several reasons, the largest of which was that our trading rules apply to family members as well as employees, and many of our senior analysts were displaying positions that they were actively counter, but that were held in an account by one of their children and thus disclosed as though they personally owned it. We have provided a new, and updated way for members to check on employee stock

I will include a relevant portion of this policy below, most notably a link to our Disclosure tool:

  • When a writer writes about a stock that he or she has a position or beneficial interest in, that fact is disclosed at the end of the article.
  • If The Motley Fool recommends or holds a position in a stock, that fact is also disclosed at the end of the article.
  • All Fool employees and contractors – that’s anyone with a TMF prefix on their screen names – are required to disclose their current positions, including stocks, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies. We aggregate and display these positions for the entire company here.

This Disclosure tool allows for members to view Employees holdings in one consolidated location. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability this page has a listing of every stock held, long or short, by Motley Fool employees and select contractors. Our articles disclose relevant holdings from any authors as well as The Motley Fool’s corporate holdings. Investors and readers should know that there are many Fools who are not involved in the creation of editorial content, and we encourage all of them to be investors as well, whose holdings are disclosed on this page. To the extent that there is or may be a corporate bias towards certain stocks because of widespread ownership, we believe it is disclosed on this page. Our hope is that by disclosing the ownership of The Motley Fool’s staff in aggregate, it is clearer what stocks we as a company may have a larger interest in.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need assistance with as well. Have a great rest of the day.

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This was my response
Hi lindsey

Thanks for the update. It does look like u guys have the stock holdings of all the tmf employees and contributors and u r aggregating all that and publishing them as aggregate. So whats the harm in just publishing their individual holdings since u already have the data. We may not care what all employees hold but sometimes we may want to know what a particular employee or contributor holds and since u already have the info, all u have to do is publish it on a webpage in fool site. I still dont understand why or what benefit it serves fool by hiding information u have available


They actually have all the tmf employee and contributor holdings in their system because their policy requires everyone to submit their holdings to motley fool admins. So why cant they just publish that list to us so we can see which analyst has what instead of aggregate. We may not care about everyone holdings but we may care about what key tmf employees and contributors hold and since the data is available to them why cant they show them to us in a webpage in fool site instead of an useless aggregate. This offers no meaning and shows a lack of transparency. This move makes no sense. Why hide data u have in ur possession. Its not extra work to publish a breakdown of each persons holdings that they already have. We need to speak up as fool members