TMF Profile and holdings

I’m having a hard time tracking down the MF analyst profile pictures and associated holdings. I know MF changed the process a while back, but Tim Beyers gave a little demo on MF live the other day and made it look somewhat easy.
That being said, i can’t even find a way to his profile page on this site…
Any help would be appreciated.


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Your asking questions on the Free side of the Motley Fool. It would be better if you asked them on the paid service you are subscribed to.


Hi @SF007,

Please look at my last response on the other thread you started:

Does that help you?

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page (Click Expand)

Hi there,

Thanks so much for your help. I am getting an “access denied: user does not have required role” message when I try and log in. Maybe as a hidden gems member I don’t have access?



Hi @SF007,

According to your profile, you are in Stock Advisor.

You should be able to see his profile. It is in the premium area but not a specific service.

@CMFMints may be able to look at this.

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page (Click Expand)

Hi Steven,

I logged you out of the Premium Side community - your profile was only showing Stock Advisor, Not Hidden Gems. That can sometimes happen when a person adds a service and instead of coming into the community via a link on, they go directly to it - the system doesn’t refresh.

If you can go to this page and click the Discuss button (next to Follow and right above the chart), in the upper right, it should launch the community with your new permissions.

From there, the easiest way for me to find Tim’s holdings is to click the Magnifying glass next to my name, type in TMFMilehigh (you don’t even need to type the whole name.) When his name and picture come up in the search results, click it and you’ll see his profile. His holdings are right at the top.

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Thank you for trying to assist.

I have tried following the link, made it to the Discuss button, it provided a two options. The one that seems to get me to Profiles is through the CAPS options - i am assuming this is what you mean by “launch community”? This eventually got me to a point where i could find the search as you suggested and i was able to find TMFMilehigh, along with some other profiles that i have been looking forward to seeing… but still not summary of holdings visible, even after clicking on their profile.
Sorry … this seems like it should be easier!

The discuss button is right next to Follow and above the chart. I believe you are trying the Discuss drop down - and while that gives you an option to go to the community, it’s not as direct as the button (due to the CAPS confusion). But it will take you to the community


As for Tim’s holdings, they are right next to his picture on his bio. This link should take you straight there.

Note that if you are on a mobile device you might have to click on his name to see his full profile - the system scrunches things down to get it to fit on a phone.

Hi @SF007,

Follow this link,

You should see this:

If you do not get that page, what does appear?

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page (Click Expand)

Thanks so much for helping.

When I click on the link - this is what appears:

That’s why I was saying you need to start at and click the Discuss button on any snapshot page. If your subscriptions have changed, that’s the best way to refresh them so you have the correct permissions.

So, start on Stock Advisor home page or whichever service you currently subscribe to and try clicking the Community button in the upper right - under the black header menu. That’ll take you the premium community where you can see analysts’ holdings using the methods described above.

Hi @SF007,

Look at the picture you posted!

Try pressing the “Log In” button and see what you get.

Does that help you?

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page (Click Expand)


I had to reset my password on

This is what I see now:

I don’t see the discuss button

Which service do you subscribe to? Go to that one and you’ll see the discuss button. You can only access the premium side with a subscription.

I currently subscription at this time is to Hidden Gems Canada.


That would explain why none of the links Gene and I are providing work…the premium side is for US services only. You might ask member services in Canada for some help on this.

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