Moving Day - Now it's my turn

Well, the boards moved and now it’s our turn.
The moving trucks arrive this morning. Most everything is packed, other than a few things we are leaving behind for now. We will need to revisit (2 hour drive) every couple of weeks for a while. I wish we could say that the house is sold, but alas, not yet. We do have a buyer of sorts, but it seems tenuous at best, as they need to sell their place. I’m not convinced that is going to happen, at least at the price they want or need. I’m expecting a bit of chaos the next couple of days, but wanted to try out the new interface with my first new post.


There are some parallels between the website change and our moving to a new home. Where did I/They put something? Is it lost? I’ve been dealing with essentially the same layout for 20+ years (Motley Fool Message boards and our house.) A sudden major change can be chaotic.

I don’t know that I’ll grow to love the new Fool interface, but I’ve found that I can work with it. I think I will get to like, maybe love the layout of our new home, but I do need to learn how to make it work.

Patience and learning is required. With the new home, at least it was our choice rather than thrust upon us. My fear is that we will have lost many valuable posters here. I notice that there are a lot fewer messages to read in my tracked posts. Because of that, I will spend less time here. Perhaps things will eventually change for the better.