$MRNA Breakout Looking Very Strong

I’ll give this $MRNA daily chart another week before drawing the new up trendline. Disclosure: I’m in at $149.11 and I intend to add on a break of the 200 EMA. The 20 x 50 EMAs had a bullish crossover two days ago.

I need to catch up on this company’s news and see what analysts on Seeking Alpha are saying. I bought strictly off T/A, but this PE is too tasty to not put aside some “gains” in underlying shares after this trade - if an only if the story holds up.

BTW, on a similar note: Biotech is turning around, but I would consider $MRNA more of a Big Pharma company now with a $70 Billion market cap. That is not a misprint. Something is going right here and I aim to find out what it is.

Daily chart


Weekly chart


Monthly chart


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