Must listen-Stay Defensive

Just a suggestion—

Etiquette is that you give a short precis of what one might find at the destination link.
Especially for video, which is such a time sucker.
Otherwise, we conservatively assume it’s a Rickroll and nobody will click



Worth your time

Noble co ran Fido Magellan with Peter Lynch

Listen to what is coming


Let me guess…hmm…let see…what sells best? AHHH! I know!

This is 1973-1974 or so and the market will do what Jay Powell won’t. Bet that’s it.

In the meantime I just hold stocks now going on 50 years. At times? Oh hell yea, they do go down with FORCE at times and this may be one of those times.

My core belief: The intrinsic value of the stong go up even when their stock prices and earnings don’t go up. Sounds strange I know. Just do not accept liner growth…which of course is the Saul’s model which I abhor.

But I’m not much on quoted stock prices except that these prices get to rich. That bothers me greatly and I absolutely hate seeing it.

The other thing that bothers me is the lust for assets with no economic value except supply and demand that’s based on continual void of historical perspective. Tulips…or crypto…whatever.


Ignore at your own peril


4 decades in business at highest level

That’s what the Saul’s people say on the other end of the doom vs. euphoria. Believe…or leave!

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I listened to this. It was great. A lot of interesting and thoughtful people. Thanks.
Sound was uneven and would like to have seen their faces, but they were all serious and and knowledgeable.
Wasn’t expecting that, to be honest! :slight_smile:

Thanks, again,