Mute the Noise

Remember when Covid rampaged the world…when hope was one thing everyone was clinging to? When people, enterprises and businesses all of a sudden had to make survival decisions…by keeping on working, manufacturing, connecting to customers, selling and had to make bold decisions and embrace the digital era.

I had posted this during that time which now seems to be fading away in the rear view mirror…

“…This is just a reminder to myself and thought of sharing with you…The Paradigm Shift Has Already Happened… The era of digitization and moving to the cloud was accelerated by a few years due to this pandemic. Now, even if there’s a vaccine on the horizon ( which is a great news and far more important than making money in the stock market), much of that unprecedented move to the cloud and digitization is here to stay and grow even more…”


It hasn’t been a long time since that post but there are signs that things are leaping back to normal. So, What does it mean for our stocks?

Well, this period in time has shown how some services/products are absolutely essential for the functioning of the modern business machinery by embracing the digital era. It has shown the advantages and resiliency of the Cloud and how SaaS applications can save the day and will be integral to the future of how these businesses operate. It proves that old and legacy solutions don’t work any more. It has proved that all interactions among humans, machines, applications and the internet are “essentially an exchange of data and that data needs to be managed, monitored and secured.” And I think that’s a great lesson for me to know where I want to be invested.

So, looking back, it isn’t a big surprise that companies like Datadog, Zscaler, Snowflake, MongoDB, CrowdStrike, Bill and many others are doing well and will continue to ride this wave of digital acceleration and adoption.

Covid was a test that won’t come every century and our companies have proved their importance by keeping the world functioning during this test. So, interest rates, inflation, Ukraine-Russia crisis and other events aren’t likely to hinder the performance of these great businesses :slight_smile:

Software is changing the world and in the long term none of those events mentioned above are relevant. The best companies out there will innovate and create value for everyone. They are “Mission Critical!”

Sometimes…times like these are the best to get invested :slight_smile:


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