Mysterious new illness from China

Hospitals packed with a new pneumonia outbreak

“nothing to worry about” say Chinese authorities - didn’t we hear that sometime before?

WHO looking into it:

Look back to 5 January 2020, and you’ll find a statement from the WHO titled “Pneumonia of unknown cause - China”.

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Just in time for the next election cycle. Does this count as election interference?

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Or typical media hype and hysteria? Reports say it is not a novel virus. Just the same old stuff, having a field day.



Most likely. However, put things together with other stories like the new mysterious dog respiratory virus and it makes you go hmmmmm…

Another lab leak? Another secretly funded gain of function study? The rabbit holes are endless on a cold rainy day that keeps one inside. With their dogs, hmmmm…

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China has history with these things:

Everyone has a history no one is at all innocent. I just prefer having some say no matter how small it is.

This unknown bug is also not a new bug according to reports. It is a cough. But sniffle in China and cheap news outlets get the flu.

It’s heading this way:

THE World Health Organisation (WHO) is demanding fresh data from China amid the worsening outbreak of a mystery pneumonia-like illness.

I don’t trust anything that the Chinese say

There is a new gold filter that you can buy as a mask.

I have one for my coffeemaker.

According to the article there is nothing going on. It’s all standard, off-the-rack regular seasonal stuff.

Why stop bigotry? It is also standard off-the-shelf stuff.


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So is media hype and hysteria.



Every last word of it. You can stop reading it now.


No bigotry there that I saw, and certainly none here. (Altho I think Sky is a Murdock affair…?) If the Chinese are doing something bad, blame them for it. Like anybody else. Feelings hurt? That’s the problem and the fault of the one declaring hurt feelings not to be laid on the one identifying a problem. I just posted that it was a scare headline that said in effect, nothing. It even admitted this is as normal and regular as the sunrise, not a “new Chinese disease” no matter what people are reading into it. Like finding bigotry behind every offending, or faux offending statement.
And, of course, it can be bigoted, offending, and true all at once.

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It is not what they say. It is what they export

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