NATO AWACs support

Up early catching up on the war and CNN had a clip aboard a NATO AWACs tracking Russian and Belarus aircraft from a distance. No mention if they were passing the tracking info on and there was a comment that there is no way to tell the difference between them. While the AWACs Cold War main base is in Geilenkirchen Germany (on the border with Holland) they have FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) in other NATO countries including Turkey, Norway and I think Greece.

Our Conservatives pulled the Canadian contingent out of the program to save money. Once back in power our Liberals put them back in. Oh the joys of democracy.

As a NATO Civilian Employee I wasn’t entitled to support from our Support Unit but I computerized the Det commanders orderly room in my spare time and could have had anything I wanted including his first born child. }};-D

Anymouse <has fond memories of his 13 years living in Geilenkirchen)>…