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Starting today, Cloudflare Access can now be used in the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard. You can manage security policies for your people and devices in the same place that you build zero-trust rules to protect your applications and resources. Everything is now in one place in a single dashboard.

We are excited to launch a new UI that can be used across the entire Teams platform, but we didn’t build this dashboard just for the sake of a new look-and-feel. While migrating the Access dashboard, we focused on solving one of the largest sources of user confusion in the product.…


Thank you for the post!

Would you mind explaining what the phrase “for Teams” means?

I’ve found multiple cloud-based companies made their apps for Teams, but I am a bit confused whether they meant that they are making their platforms compatible with MS Teams app that I know or they meant something else.


Cloudflare for Teams appears to be one of their offerings:

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