NET up >13% Today

Since this move seemed more than normal market noise I wanted to see if there was news I missed. The only “news” I found was the following. It mentions an analyst target change:…

Now I normally don’t even read analysts changes. I don’t know this one. I’d thought I share some points anyway since I put in just enough effort to find this:

  • This same guy raised his target from $24 to $32 on May 8th, just over a month ago, and now raised it again to $38. The price at closing today was $35

  • His numbers are more conservative than consensus estimates

…so no real news. NET just beat the market by 14% for fun. I have to assume this is because I bought it yesterday, proving how awesome I am. I also bought FSLY, and it beat the market by 8% today. So…proof! /mic-drop.
(tongue in cheek of course!)

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