New "Best OLED Ever Made" iPad Pros expected to be announced on May 7

Yeah, I’m gonna want one, but it’s difficult to justify since I just bought an M2 iPad Pro 11" at the end of 2022!

“The OLED iPad panels are expected to be by far the best OLED tablet panels on the market with LTPO, 120Hz refresh, a tandem stack and glass thinning resulting in ultra-thin and light displays with high brightness, extended battery life and long lifetime,” Young writes.

The new iPad Pros are also expected to feature the same 3 nm TSMC-made M3 chip found in various Mac models (though likely clocked slower to comply with the tighter form factor of the iPad).


Well, it made the shares pop up today at least…

I have an early iPad Mini 2, so, pretty basic, I use it as wifi only, don’t need to add on more tot he account fee… It’s handy from time to time if I need the extra screen if my iPhone is being used but generally it sets around, gathering dust…

The new rumored iPads likely are speedier, better camera, but, as noted, hard to justify for this retiree…

I inherited an iPad Mini 2 from my dad when he passed. It’s slow, but still pretty good as a Kindle Reader (running the Kindle App)!

Ditto. DW gets a new on whenever it no longer accepts security updates. I just use the old one for books.

My only complaint about the iPad (and iPhone as well), the screen still seems to crack and/or scratch with minimal effort. DW never drops it and yet accumulates lines over time.