New Board and posters

Unfortunately you can’t see who the poster is on the main page. Is this permanent?


Can you be more specific? You can hover over any avatar and see who the post is and even see avatars for others who have replied if you are looking at the latest or top views.

Can you offer a simple explanation as to how to delete boards which I no longer want to track? Is there a list somewhere in my profile where I can simply delete the board/topic being tracked or do I have to edit the notification icons of each board to make that happen. I want to cut down on some of the noise so that I won’t keep seeing unwanted posts.

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Well i always read on a mobile. You can see the subject but not who’s posted on the thread without clicking through. If you’re checking once every 3 days say and want to quickly scan posts and posters it’s all rather opaque, unlike the previous board.


Hi @jetjockey787

There is! You can go to your preferences and Edit the Categories, Users and Tags in the Notifications section. Here’s a direct link:

Just take out any ones in the Tracked section of Categories that you don’t want anymore, then move the Tags area, then click save

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Thanks - that helps…let me look into it. I’m normally on the iPad but in desktop view with a magic keyboard, so it’s not really mobile.

Many thx, CMFMints. I overlooked the three items under notifications in the preferences section. I saw them grayed out and therefore didn’t even give it a thought to try and tag them. I think like an Apple user, so when I see gray, I move on from my frustration. :joy: