New #FloridaMan Entry Goes Straight To The Dishonor Roll

**If you’ve never lived in the Great Banana Republic, well, there are a lot of these #FloridaMan characters down here.

Now excuse me, is this thing on? Tap, tap, tap!

The sheriff would like a word:

The sheriff’s office called the attempted stealing a “bad idea."

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Doesn’t sound like armed robbery. Shoplifting?

Some criminals are smart but many do seem a bit short of gray matter. This one in the latter group.

I like J Edgar Hoovers “you can’t get away with it!!”. But then we have liberal prosecutors. No bail. No jail time. Some times you wonder if criminals think they can get away with it for years.

Do you think the Florida perp will go to jail? Be prosecuted? Or is he already back on the street?

Your complaint is with the US Constitution, which clearly says excessive bail shall not be required. (Bail is intended to make you show up for court, not to be incarcerated for months awaiting that date.) “Being arrested” is not the same as “being convicted”, and yeah, for a shoplifter I would guess that his bail is low. He’s nonviolent, not a threat to others, and obviously pretty dumb.


How about this #FloridaMan?

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