New Jersey restricts gas cars 2027; eliminates 2035

Manufacturers are limited to 43% of cars (and light trucks) sold in 2027 are electric. And gas cars goes to zero in 2035.

Vehicles purchased in other states can be registered in NJ but must meet regulations.

California has similar rules but I haven’t seen details. NJ seems to be following the California standard.

Of course NJ has the problem of few nuclear plants and all fuels must be imported. Wind farms have much potential but those planned are being cancelled due to rising costs. Where will NJ get its electricity? Probably from natural gas from Marcellus shale in PA. After that what? Will wind farms be ready. How about solar farms in the Pine Barrens?

Land there is not very useful otherwise. Not good ag land in the Garden State makes is more or less useless. And water there is short due to being surrounded by salt water. Occupied by the NJ Devil and pinnies.

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