Nine US states plan to ban gasoline vehicles sales by 2035

On the heels of California’s plan to phase out sales of new gas vehicles starting with the 2026 model year leading to a total ban by 2035, Washington, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware and Maryland are planning to do the same.

’ The rules do not stop residents in these states from owning or using gas-powered cars, nor do they force consumers to buy electric vehicles (EVs). Dealerships can still sell used cars powered by gas, and consumers in these states can purchase the gas-powered vehicles in other states – as long as they meet certain emissions standards.’


I wonder what that will do with gas stations in California? Maybe more charging stations at gas stations and less Petrol?


I’ll believe it when I see it. As we have seen, car dealer groups are pretty powerful lobbyists, and losing whatever-percentage of their sales when the time comes will be a tough putt.

Frankly, I expect that EV sales will never be 100%, there are just too many cases where they don’t make sense. And relegating those buyers to “buy out of state” or “buy only a used car” is daft.

I think enthusiasts are too far out over their skis on this one.


Hi Andy - the transition seems to be well under way


Hi Goofy - agree that consumers will still have a choice in what kind of car they buy despite all these heroic anti-ICE antics.

55% of new car dealers in the US, however, were already selling selling EVs as of last December, thanks to non-Tesla EVs capturing ~50% of the market. So they already have a significant stake in boosting EV sales via such state initiatives.

While US EV demand has of course slowed considerably, EV dealers would arguably garner a nice share of the profits once demand recovers
The number of new car dealers selling EVs has grown considerably - Autoblog

Show me a business owner who says “Sure, I want a law that prohibits me from selling 10% or 25% of what I’m selling now, and further puts my service department out of business” and maybe I’ll agree.

This is nice virtue signaling but is unlikely to last until implementation.

This reminds me of when America set a target for transitioning to the metric system in the 1980s and 90s. Oh, wait, . . .

Reminds me of when they went from the horse and buggy to steam engines to ICE engines. Just another incremental change.


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