New music

Apparently the time of reckoning has finally come. The SaaS stocks discussed here are falling. After falling behind the market almost every day for the past couple of weeks, the sellers are now dumping.
The concentrated SaaS portfolios are now decimated. Is the silence an indication of buying more or selling or lightening? The change of mood definitely has been lightning fast. From ‘great business that has a lot more upside’ to talk about ‘increasing competition and overvaluation’. The market’s mood certainly has changed. But the market is up. It’s time to talk about ‘sector rotation’. The music has changed now boys and gals and it’s time to change direction. Should we be dancing to that music?



TJ, this post the way it is written is OT.

If you have decided to sell companies for fundamental reasons and are searching for or investing in new growth companies I would love to read your thoughts and reasoning for both decisions.

Other wise this falls into market-timing and portfolio allocation which are both OT.

Please no replies unless they are back on topic.

Thank you.


ok.I guess you can hunt some others who may be even more OT. Just saying.

Selling? I certainly haven’t said anything about that. Quite to the contrary! You asked what we were buying and I answered along many others. You asked us to start but you haven’t, have you?

Market timing? Isn’t what many here are doing? Buying on today’s dip, isn’t that market timing at its best? But you call that differently?

As I said last Friday, I was intending to add to CRWD and ZM this week after seeing their reports, and I did just now. I didn’t expect I would get even more discounts on those. I also added to AYX. That last one is pure market timing.