New TMF complicated

Had TMF tried to make a complicated website they could not have succeeded better that with their new beauty!

The new site violates Apple’s User Interface Guidelines in spades. The gist of the guidelines is to standardize so that users don’t have to henpeck the multitude of links and icons in the hope something useful will pop up.

I just spent an hour of frustration at the new site and my feeling is that it’s bye bye birdie! Sad because TMF had become part of my daily routine but the site is even worse than smartphones!

Any suggestions for a friendly investment chat board? Thanks in advance.

The Captain


I hope you decide to stay. We need our super-bull.

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You have an ugly list

I hope you decide to stay. We need our super-bull.

I sure want to. I’ll have to use my super-patience that I use to debug code. :wink:

Super-patience is a guru like state you talk yourself into that does not allow frustration to do its job. On my first job as a programmer with IBM fellow programmers would come to me saying the computer had a bug – they were pretty buggy back then! I would bet them “fuertes a locha” that I would find a bug in their code. I never lost a bet – no one ever took me up on it! I convinced myself that most of the time the problem is the programmer, not the machine – so be patient and find the damn bug.

There was one really bright guy who came to me with a really hard bug. Why do I say he was really bright? Because he didn’t just say ‘thank you.’ He said, ‘Thank you. Now explain to me how you found the bug!’

Patience Grasshopper!

The Captain

Fuerte = Bs. 5
Locha = Bs. 0.125
Locha = 1/8 of a bolivar or 1/4 of a Real – legacy of Spanish coinage

Fuerte = $0.0000000000000000000000000001

Just got a bill for repairs to my Caracas condominium, it’s in US$$$$

If Arthur Conan Doyle were alive today Sherlock Holmes would not de a detective, he would be code debugger! Get the evidence!