Next challenge for Pfizer’s Vaccine

The Highlight of the article:

“ Also, this vaccine, right now, needs to be held (stored) at minus 80 degree Celsius. They are working on a formulation that will be more stable. But right now this vaccine needs to be at minus 80 degree Celsius. Currently we have no system in this country to be able to deliver a minus 80 degree Celsius vaccine. So, while it is good news – there is at least proof of principle that vaccines will work and will protect people against disease – there is also a long way to go.”

There is still a long way to go for Pfizer and all the government around the world. They must figure out how to deliver the vaccine under the condition of “minus 80 degree”, especially for those not so developed country around the tropical area. Until now Pfizer already put a lot of money, tying to manage to deliver it. They say the vaccine will by carried by a special truck with the GPS device and other special equipment…(sounds like movie scene right?)

I believe it will take a lot of time (at least more than 1 year) for human to reach the so called “well vaccinated” condition. At the same time, the demand of digital transformation by the companies on this board is still pretty strong.

So sit back and don’t be too afraid of the recent drop. Drink a cup of coffee and relax yourself…I still have very high conviction about our best companies.




Dry ice is only -78.5 °C

There’s a cross thread here and some of the posts basically answer your concern.…


Dry ice (solid CO2) is at -78 C so should keep vaccine cold in a well insulated box. And then there is liquid nitrogen -196 C. Freezers for these are available ,though costly
OTOH the Pfizer vaccine leaves a lot to be desired, the low temperature needed, plus 2 injections a month apart. I suspect compliance will not be all that is desired. Other possibly better vaccines are coming.
But I agree nothing has changed the need for companies to digitally transform. Also WFA (work from anywhere)will still be popular with employees. And with companies who want to save on costs of employees while increasing employee morale. No more going to work with a cold or flu spreading it to everybody.


BTW Dermatologists keep bottles of Liquid Nitrogen in their offices. It is used for cryotherapy of benign and pre- malignant lesions, "freezing " off warts, keratoses etc. It is kept in what amounts to a vacuum thermos bottle called a dewar. It slowly evaporates but even these simple cheap containers need to be refilled only once every 10 days to two weeks. And the nitrogen is extracted from air so supply is abundant.