Nice Tom G. post on Stock Advisor boards

I will leave it to Tom if he wants to paste it here, but here is a link for those with an SA subscription or some higher level sub that includes SA.…



It’s an awesome post.

I hate to see Tom called out like that. But it lets him show his true character. Tom is a world class CEO who has steered the Fool through massive changes in technology and media over the past decade. And through it all he has stayed true to the Foolish mission. It’s worth noting that without his leadership none of us would have this incredible board. In lesser hands the Fool would have sold out, been lost in the tidal wave of competition or gone bust.


I was in a hurry when I posted this initially, so I will add here that Tom’s post is basically a brief history of The Motley Fool and of his involvement with picking stocks in Stock Advisor and how that has shifted in recent times.


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