Nostalgia, or Every Dog Has Its Day

This is a subject that could never by off topic on this board. After all, for many of us, the existence of Saul originated with Westport.

Well, yesterday, this epic dog of David’s Stock Advisor portfolio had its day in the sun. WPRT was up 33.5%. Q1 beat estimates by $0.02. Lost 2 cents versus estimates of loss of 4 cents. Upgraded to buy by… Lake Street.

I mean, what have you done for me lately? Basking in my 18.62% up in GM and 7.18% in ZS, and kicking the Dog of the Day, TTD (down 3.38%), I stumbled upon this WPRT news while starting to update my long, long ignored MF favorites list. Never mind that WPRT is down versus S&P by 161.6% since the last Best Buy Now recommendation (in fairness, WPRT is down 157% since the sell rec). Q1 Revenue up 15% Y-o-Y to $73.2 million ($ U.S.). Never mind. Bask in the sun, little WPRT, bask in the sun.

Now, back to our regular program schedule.

KC, who may name the next puppy Westport.