Nuclear plus storage opportunity

Beats heck out of using fossil fuel such as Nat Gas methinks? With 8 operational reactors Bruce often has more production than needed.


Nuclear plus energy storage an opportunity for Ontario

28 January 2022

A combination of emission-free electricity from the Bruce nuclear power plant paired with long-duration energy storage can help maintain the reliability of Ontario’s electricity system while reducing reliance on gas-fired plants, a report by the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) concludes.

This is also interesting. Sounds like our waste storage plan is moving ahead?…

Autonomous forklift developed for use in Canadian repository

28 January 2022

Canadian custom mobile heavy equipment company MEDATech has designed an autonomous forklift to move and stack bentonite-encased radioactive waste canisters underground. The equipment has been developed at the request of Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO).