Nvidia Alienating Fan Base, Turning to AMD for GPUs

While GPU purchases overall are dropping, it appears that the sales slump is going to hit Nvidia harder than it will hit AMD. Evidently gamers are sick of Nvidia’s price gouging and converting to team Red. You can watch this Paul’s Tech News video for more details.

However, I think the overwhelming number of anti-NVidia comments in the comment section of Paul’s video really tell the tale. Like this one.

I bought my first AMD GPU last month. I have been purchasing Nvidia GPUs for over 20 years starting with a GeForce 3, but at this point they can go scr_w [edit] themselves. Hoping to see Intel succeed in the segment as well to squeeze more market share away from Nvidia.
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Or if you just want to read about it, here is an article from Tom’s Hardware.

Let’s also keep in mind what AMD’s strategy appears to be. AMD launched the 7900XTX and 7900XT aimed at the RTX 480. So while AMD has abandoned the performance crown bragging rights to the RTX490, both AMD cards offer significantly better or comparable Raster performance than the RTX 480 with slightly less Ray Tracing performance at great discounts.

Current Pricing
RTX 4080 $1,326
RX 7900 XTX launch pricing $999 ($327 less)
RX 7900 XT launch pricing $899 ($573 less)

AMD’s chiplet approach has significantly reduced their cost of silicon and the total BOM cost of their cards. Thus AMD can still reap great margins while launching a value card into the market at a price that Nvidia can’t really compete with due to Nvidia’s drive to push performance at all cost while still maintaining their high margins.

From everything I am seeing on the gamer and tech sites AMD’s strategy is working well. I think most gamers and system builders are sick of Nvidia’s price gouging and looking to the value proposition AMD is offering with high interest.

Initial sales of the 7000 series GPU’s will be very telling and I will be very interested to see 4th quarter sales numbers.