NY terrorist threat


I saw that. Officials say the incident at the bridge to Canada was no “terrorist” thing, but CBS pivoted right into fanning fear of “terrorists”. Same old media we had twenty years ago, screaming “TERRORISM” at every opportunity, which the majority of USians will interpret as “Muslim terrorism”.



Later reports said it was a husband and wife in a Bentley.

My guess is the wife said something to tic off the husband, and he said “That’s it!” and punched the accelerator to the floor. Car was traveling at an altitude of about 20 feet above ground level when it hit the building.


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Looks like a cardiac event to me. The car appeared to be already moving pretty quickly as though the driver had mistook the accelerator for the brake then maybe had one final muscle spasm that literally floored the gas. The actual video clip is only about 3 seconds long but the car travelled at least 20 or 30 car lengths during that period. The car appears to be a four-door sedan. The Bentley Flying Spur is 5316 mm long or 203 inches. 20 car lengths would be 338 feet in 3 seconds, 112.7 feet/sec or 77 mph. If 30 car lengths in the 3 seconds, that’s about 115 mph.

The video reflects an embankment that steers that incoming traffic to the toll gates and separates those incoming lanes from other functions that maybe go the other way. When the car hit that embankment, it became airborn. One would think the curb around that embankment would be tall enough to act as a horizontal OBSTACLE rather than a ramp to get the car airborn. Apparently not.

Definitely not terrorism.

There’s also a driver in a black sedan that made a left turn just before the car whizzed past who right now is probably realizing they came within inches and seconds of being killed.


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The media keeps trying to walk back it’s initial “terrorist” chatter. So, how many conspiracy nutters are going to think the “big gummit is trying to cover up MUSLIM TERRORISTS!!!”? After all, the regime twenty years ago, and a willing media, tried to brainwash everyone about the “global Islamic conspiracy”.


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