Organ Transplant Supply Chain could be severed due to dispute

I bet if I pulled up the tax filings for these two “non-profits”, I’d see millions of dollars of excessive Executive Compensation. That’s a lot to fight over.

{{ The United Network for Organ Sharing, the nonprofit that runs the system, is threatening to revoke an organ-screening company’s access to the complex computer network that sends kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs and other organs throughout the country. It has set a Wednesday deadline for the company, Buckeye Transplant Services, to comply with its demands over the use of transplant data.

If no deal is reached, 63 transplant centers that depend on Buckeye to initially evaluate the size, condition and compatibility of organs for patients would find themselves without its services. Buckeye would effectively be out of business for as long as it is disconnected from the nationwide system used to offer and accept organs from deceased donors, known as DonorNet.}}