Original versions of "Star Wars" trilogy

My understanding is the original versions of the original Star Wars trilogy are not available on DVD or Blu-ray…would this be correct?

Assuming it is, here’s a question…why do you think DIS hasn’t released them on that format yet? I can understand on D+ and TNT/etc. not having them on, but considering the company arguably needs as much money as it can get right now, I would assume a physical release of the original trilogy would do extremely well…and it would strengthen a part of the company ecosystem that has become weak over time, as physical sales just aren’t what they used to be on an industry-wide basis.

It’s very strange to me, because it is such an obvious idea…I presume Lucas couldn’t block the release, certainly.

No, they have been available, and a google search will bring up options to buy right now. I know I have seen bins full of them in McKay’s, our local used bookstore/cd/dvd/lego/vinyl/poster store.

I don’t know if they’re currently available at retail as new, but it takes a lot of investment to set that up: printing the media, sleeves, distribution, getting space in stores, displays, etc. so these things tend to happen at “auspicious” times, like 50th anniversary or whatever.

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I don’t think selling physical media is very profitable anymore, so perhaps that’s why they don’t bother doing it?

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Han Solo shot first.

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I checked the catalog at my local public library. It appears the first three movies were released individually, on DVD in 2006. All three were released in a box set in 2013.


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Thanks for all the replies. From everything said here, I guess they are indeed technically available if one wants to acquire them.

But, from what is said here, and a little bit of searching on my part (although I do not claim to be definitive here, tracking down the history of releases is difficult…this is where we really need our Disney guru Fuskie!), I guess that '13 version was the last release of the originals.

Let’s assume for a moment I am correct – then I do think DIS owes it to itself to release them again, with new extras. As someone pointed out, correctly I will add, the business of physical release is indeed just not as lucrative any longer. Remember those days? Remember when DIS would release direct to video sequels and make a lot of money, and they had that vault thing going, which I always forget how that exactly worked, I think they were called Gold and Diamond releases, something like that. I think that may still go on, but I don’t know how successful it is. Probably does well enough.

I think DIS should simply price an original-trilogy release accordingly. Put some great extras on it (maybe even have a version where it doesn’t say Ep. 4 New Hope at the beginning of the first one, wasn’t that a thing at the beginning of the first one’s release?), maybe include print copies of the original Marvel comic adaptations, whatever you can think of, and charge $70. Stores will discount them anyway as loss leaders I would imagine, and you are hitting the collector market. Then, after a couple years, release a cheaper version if projections say it was warranted.

And yes, Han did shoot first! Hadn’t thought about that in a while…

Thanks again…