OT - 7' 6" 15yo Chinese girl Zhang Ziyu drops 44pts 15reb

I think she moves better than Zach Edey in the post. What would be the NIL offer for that?



She’s got good hands, nice touch on her shot. She is HUGE.
There was zero competition for her out on the court though. If she plays college ball here, that will change.

I watched the Women’s Final Four. South Carolina’s center is 6’7", and 245 pounds, reminded me of a female version of Wes Unseld. She can move, too. She basically got every rebound. All of the big girls for all 4 teams played really physical. The big difference between the Men’s and Women’s game is the Women don’t play above the rim. But the Women use better fundamentals than the Men. Head to head, the Men’s Final 4 teams would demolish the Women’s Final 4 teams, but I gotta admit, in some ways I like the Womens game better.