OT my UCONN mens look poised to go all the way

We face Gonzaga next. They are a high scoring team but with no defense.

UCONN is one of two teams with a good defense. San Diego being the other but of them only UCONN has a great offense. During the season UCONN was shaky. Last night in the post season UCONN was non stop great no inconsistencies.

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UCONN has been nasty to Gonzaga tonight. The last few minutes of play UCONN 80 to 47.

UCONN went into the half time with a seven point lead. Teams are supposed to adjust…that is where it got nasty.

The finals!!

Small lead at the start.

adding 2 minutes left in the first half 36 to 20 UCONN.

San Diego came out in the half saying, “6 by 10” meaning down six points by the ten minute mark. Instead they are going to be down about 13. The gap is not closing.

At six minutes it is tight. And now I worry.

Two minutes UCONN up by 14.

That’s all she wrote…it is in the books.