OT- Air Force C-17 low pass over Interstate 90 in Washington State

That’s Keechelus Lake in Washington state. The road you see is I-90. Near Snoqualmie pass.

Hard to believe that was authorized. Maybe it’s CGI?



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Didn’t see any effect on the water. Not sure if there should have been. But plausible, the Air Force has a big base nearby.

The place to see low flying military jets In WA is Highway 20 on Whidbey Island near Coupeville. The Navy has a outlying landing field where jets from nearby NAS Whidbey practice landings. They come in almost parallel to the road and not very far away.

48°11’12.3"N 122°37’56.3"W

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I do not know but some video games are that good.

Getting that sized plane to bank that way is more make-believe than real.

It is not CGI if it is a game. Just a game engine.

see 13:40 Microsoft Flight Simulation

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“Star Wars Canyon” is a popular viewing location in California for US military aircraft. It is located near Death Valley and sometimes the planes fly below the level of observers, who are on a ridge overlooking the canyon.

The following video (5 minutes) shows several different types of aircraft, including a few F-35s.

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If this is what they’re showing off, I’d LOVE to see what they’re not showing off!