OT: Banned on the run?

US, Britain impose more sanctions on Hamas

At least three senior Hamas members, along with their managers and drivers, have recently left the Qatar for an unknown destination.

Some of the Hamas leaders are believed to have headed for Algeria - the country that has maintained special relationship with the group…

These departures come after Doha informed Hamas that Qatari authorities would no longer be able to ensure their security citing the threat imposed by Israeli security services.



Reportedly, Qatar has had a “special” relationship with Hamas for years, funding the organization to the tune of millions. But Europe wants Qatari gas, and the US wants Qatari money, so Qatar is not named a “state sponsor of terrorism”.



But Massad will be out to get Hamas leaders whereever they go.

Do you think they will do better than Osama Bin Laden? Hiding in a cave? Incommunicado in a secret compound lost in nowhereland? You wonder if they can be effective leaders under that kind of pressure. Probably not.

And apparently, Mossad was unable to take them out?

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Hold on. They aren’t living in Gaza? Who would have thunk it?


Oh - they are not in Gaza; interesting (not!). Shouldn’t they be sharing in the horrors they precipitated? I suspect they will eventually!


Understanding the Hamas Net Worth
Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist organization, has a net worth that places it as the second richest terror group globally, with approximate finances of around $1 billion…

Several leaders within Hamas have amassed considerable personal wealth. Khaled Meshal, the leader of Hamas, is estimated to have a net worth of more than $2.6 billion, with accounts in Qatari and Egyptian banks. Ismail Haniyeh, the former Prime Minister of Gaza, has capital estimated at $4 million, while Moussa Abu Marzook, another prominent Hamas leader, is believed to have a fortune between $2-3 billion.