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I posted this elsewhere and haven’t heard anything, so I thought I’d ask my friends here.

The spreadsheet I’ve been using to track my positions and their weighting in my portfolio seems to have crashed. Instead of trying to fix that, I’m looking for something new and wanted input from the group. Since I have multiple accounts, I need to keep a spreadsheet to keep track of them all.

I would be satisfied with a simple spreadsheet for tracking only stock positions.

I do plan on looking to incorporate the few options positions I have (right now just 2). I can handle that later.

If anyone has a template or can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!



This might help.



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They might have some ideas over here

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Just posted on previous thread:


Let me know what you come up with for options tracking. :wink:

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Google Docs could be the way to go. As powerful as Excel, but on the web where you can always find it.

If you have not seen this sheet, it is a good example of the power. Google Sheets has a feature that can grab useful data from Google finance, most importantly the current price. So if you put in all your stocks, get the current price, then multiple it by your shares, you have your portfolio value (plus cash). then you can create more tabs for more info. you might have a watch list of stock. You might have a yearly tracker of your value so you can see growth over time. etc

I forget who did this one for the board, Neil or Kevin?


I use one of my own for watch list for my IBD buys. I use the current price fetched from Google Finance to compare to the “breakout” price I am looking for so I can see how much above or below that it is. Then I have columns that show me the price 5% above the buy point (which is max price for buying after a breakout) and the 4% price, which is my personal max. Then I show a 20% and 25 price increase point, which is where I often want to take profits on a breakout growth stock. I also use color coding to help me see things better on my dashboard. (Color coding is automated through a formatting formula). The spreadsheet about shows you a lot of nifty tricks and there are plenty of help resources for Google Docs.