OT: Blatantly political observation

I live in Brooklyn NY, one of the Bluest of the Blue areas in the nation. II used to plat basketball with Chuck S. in the local playground when we were both kids.

NYS is undergoing a governor’s election with the incumbent (Democratic) Gov. Kathy Hochul and her competitor, (Republican) Lee Zeldin, hitting each other with a series of negative ads on TV. That said, in my neighborhood, the roadsides are lined with hundreds (thousands?) of Zeldin signs - sometimes about 20 feet (6 meters) apart (as well as a truckload of crackpots with a megaphone preaching the importance of halting the “Nazis in Ukraine”), but I have not seen a single poster/sign/sticker advertising Hochul. Either there haven’t been any or they have been continually removed.

Regardless of who wins, it just seems to be a bizarre imbalance of physical advertising in an area expected to favor the other candidate by default.




The old fashioned ads do not do much for Millennials or Zers. That is reserved for messenger apps. I keep getting texts. They know I am against them. They want to pick up one or two more votes.

Billie Eilish rocking the vote is the biggest news this weekend. Those are new to the process and her fans will be on her side…in the millions. She gives cool a much better name.

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Because it is assumed that the older ethnic (Italians, Polish, Jews, etc) people in NYC automatically vote for the straight D ticket regardless of any advertising (like most of my family). So why waste advertising dollars in a place where you take 70+% of the vote anyway? The D side has to advertise heavily upstate and in the outer suburbs of LI and Westchester, because those areas are the ones that have a chance of garnering some votes.


Keep us posted on how your area actually votes.


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My texts in favor of xyz could well be Russian bots.

I get some are sensitive about the Russian claims. Not wanting to deal with things is interesting to the rest of us.

Way out here in the West, Northern California, several years ago, the very blue suburbs, was overnight plastered with rigorous rightwing signs, banners on private properties, homes where the owners had no such preferences… So obviously a hit job, they still lost, but what a waste of efforts… Must be at least 20 years or more ago… They were desperate, I suppose… Poor deluded fools…

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I would not call them “poor” anything. The idea is to say and do anything for inequality. Poor is the wrong word for it even if many of them squandered all their opportunities in life.

Apparently, NYC voted 70% Democratic and Hochul won by the skin of her teeth.


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If by “skin of her teeth” you mean a 6 point plus or minus margin, greater than any Presidential contest in recent history, wider than a large percentage of Senate races, and perhaps in the middle of Gubernatorial races, then, yeah “skin of her teeth.”


Have you seen her teeth?
(Sorry - couldn’t resist :slight_smile: )


This whole thread is political. Why does Wendy allow politics for you and your mates on this thread?


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Give it a rest. No one wants to hear about how your great post was pulled and therefore you are being oppressed.


Actually Wendy has had to add a new thread declaring politics is off limits…again…

There is a problem with at least on character going to politics and getting away with it too often…Jeff…get my eye on you…

Not that the rest of us would not post on politics.

Why are you reviving a thread from three months ago?


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I suspect John Birch understudies are at work here…

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Hey Jeff - I think it’s a function of the new platform. Depending on how you read these boards, the system may show you old posts when you have exhausted the list of new posts. This has happened to me since the conversion. I was reading a “new” post that was actually a couple of months old on a different board.



We used to evaluate TMF boards based on a personal Signal to Noise Ratio.
This platform seems specifically designed to enhance the Noise.and obfuscate the Signal.



I really do not evaluate the Fool or the boards. These are just easier to use. I need to constantly edit my writings.

I evaluate where the other posters are coming from. Not their bank balance or their politics but their economics matters to me. That is why I am here on a generalized econ board.