OT: Can’t blame me!

I saw a video of the recent drone attack on the Kremlin. At first glance, the drone looked identical to two toy drones I bought to let my grand cubs play with when they visit.

I’m pretty sure they have enough lift to carry 2 or 3 firecrackers which would explode them (although I haven’t figured out how to ignite them in flight).

Anyway, I checked this morning and both of my toy drones are accounted for.

Sorry Vlad, you can’t blame me!


Use an electric glow plug, powered by the drone’s battery.


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Every Russian schoolchild began to cry…then sob…and from there the mood went dark.

This incident came up on the navy board on FB too.

I reminded the board members of the German teenager that flew his Cessna from Finland, to Moscow, and buzzed the Kremlin, and asked if anyone thought Russian air defense was better than it was in 1987.



And another look.