OT: Catch some rays

Now that the weather is warming up in northern Washington State I have begun to catch some rays. The most recent research shows that direct sun exposure has many important health benefits including cardiovascular and immune system. It’s important to gradually phase in sun exposure to avoid sunburn.

It’s obvious that light-skinned people burn faster than dark-skinned people. The Fitzpatrick Scale quantifies this. I’m a Type 3. I’m careful about gradual tanning.

[Fitzpatrick scale - Wikipedia]

I take 5,000 I.U. per day of Vitamin D when I’m not getting enough sun (usually October through May). But sun is better in ways that are being researched and published now.


This actually has some Macroeconomic impact since diseases like multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure are correlated with latitude in the U.S. These diseases are expensive to treat.