OT Desktop Virus protection

About free Malwarebytes: this is a scanning tool only. It does not offer any real time protection as it is only active when you run a scan. Microsoft Defender is active around the clock instead of just being a cleaner like it was in the old days.



I believe the paid for version does have active protection around the clock but free is just another cleaner like superantispyware or the old Ccleaner…doc

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Microsoft is offering me Defender if I sign up for 365.

I will see about Xfinity’s offerings.

I use:
MS Windows Defender
Regular sweeps with free versions of Malwarebyte Antimalware (free version) and Superantispyware (free version). Most importantly, I am very careful about which emails I open and which web sites I visit as well as regularly getting rid of cookies, history, etc. when I close my browser.



I have Microsoft Office Student edition not 365. And Windows Defender. But who knows when that will change. So far ok.

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Use MS Defender and firewall–if running Windows 10/11, that is all.

For e-mail spam, I use an old e-mail program that shows me the sender’s e-mail address–and the route it took to get to me. Same e-mail from multiple senders = SPAM. Hit the DELETE button for all of them. Because I see the alleged sender’s e-mail, it is very easy to identify spam when the address is xyz@kfflkd][apjrpoop[[q.it (or longer). Why would a US company use an Italian (or UK or other non-US) e-mail server? DELETE !! And most spam is gone in less than a minute.

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Unfortunately, I just checked and here in MA it is no longer offered as part of Xfinity Internet.

I’ve been using Defender on my Windows 11 virtual machine and I use Webroot SecureAnywhere on my Mac.


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Thanks for the reminder. I need to check.

I have a lot going on this week. I have time to do this, the reminder is useful.

Google is your friend, just checked. Not available as of Jan 1, 2021

What's Norton Security Online and How Do I Get It? – Xfinity.

I’m so glad that I use Linux. I use Linux, because I’m too wimpy, stupid, and impatient to deal with Windows.


just an FYI update. I uninstalled McAfee and am running Windows Defender, and have Malwarebytes Antimalware installed. Actually used Windows quickscan, not the Malware to scan my computer this morning, got the OK.

The only snag I ran into after verifying I had Defender running and McAfee removed and then rebooting was that the computer was running extremely slow. But all I had to do to fix that was to go into setting, updates, and change the times that updates would be installed. Computer almost instantly started running faster.

So, so far so good.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone.