Virus Fakery on my Mac Mini

I began, last night, after the updates for iPhone, WatchOS, and Sonoma, to see little random Notifications, warning of viruses, sometimes McAfee was mentioned, but others not… They didn’t stay long enough to screen shot 'em, but I did photograph a few with my iPhone, used Firefox to search for info, since they had a Safari logo, even though Safari was not running… Anyway, it led to the Apple Discussion boards and the link below, cleaned it out as it suggested, and sure enough, one was the culprit… All clear… Whew… Irritating, after so long not having any sort of these things, I’d nearly forgotten how to do the chase/fixes!!


McAfee has been playing this game on Windows too. You innocently click on something of interest and your screen fills repeatedly with virus warnings. Very irritating.

When i run a scan with Windows Defender nothing found. To remove first uninstall any McAfee software. (I think this is an ad that probably does not attack paying McAfee subscribers.). Last time a tiny link an one warning allowed me to unsubscribe.

By all means, never use McAfee software. Their marketing department is run by idiots.

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I hear ya man. A couple of months ago I went through a bout with McAfee. Like every day they would send a minimum one email telling me that my subscription is either late, overdue or about to expire. I don’t even have McAfee installed on my PC.

I would block their email address, block their domain, send emails to Earthlink notifying them that the emails were SPAM and finally they let up a little bit. Problem is you never know when they will pop up again.


There was a variety of Notification popups, but they vanished so fast I couldn’t really read them, but I did snap a photo of a couple, one mentioned McAfee, so a search led me to very old folders, dumped 'em all… I’ve never used McAfee or Norton on any Mac, and in the end it was all fakery… IMHO…

McAfee was once the WeCo/LU standard for WinNT, back in the late '90s… But it missed actual virus headaches, had to use Norton once to recover, but in the end, once I and DW retired so did any need for any Win, or the hardware… Both actually caused more problems than they claimed to fix, they put on great sales pitches, magic shows at the Computer Faire, MacWorld I went to in SF… Their days were numbered I guess,

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