OT:Erdogan Demands Admittance to EU for a Yes vote for Sweden NATO Membership

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Erdogan won reelection but continues with failed policies. I expect NATO nations will simply develop a powerful work around to integrate Sweden into both robust nation to nation defensive commitments as well as war planning, while the EU will be even less interested in trying to placate Turkey.

david fb


I have not seen anything Erdogan do for Turkey that has not backfired completely. The man is totally incompetent. Never stops him.

The deal we should offer Erdogan is he resigns and we consider it. Straight to his face in public a complete rebuke of his dictatorship. I do understand he was elected by a wide margin. An argument of course that he is not a dictator. His policies are complete authoritarian. He is freely elected specifically to be a dictator. A strongman.

Under the hood…take a look…he used up all of his central banking reserves/assets to prop up the currency just before his reelection. Turkey is in huge trouble to come very quickly right now economically.

His request is to lay the blame for a coming complete economic collapse on the EU.

What Erdogan did was for internal consumption.

Things moved forward regardless it seems. This was just published at midnight EST.

Turkey’s lifting of its blockade on Sweden’s entry into NATO was a significant and stunning move on the eve of the NATO summit in Lithuania. The reversal by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan came hours after he warned Sweden would be out in the cold until Turkey got its long-delayed membership in the European Union.

Another “guess” of mine, we know Turkey is bankrupt because of Erdogan’s reelection messing around with his central bank. Erdogan needs economic guarantees very badly. He played a chip on the table saying Turkey needs membership in the EU. He got something in return not publicly discussed.



BINGO! and may god help the saner slightly less than half of voters of Turkia survive Erdogan’s reelection…

david fb

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