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How cookie banners backfired
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By Joe Nocera

“No one reads cookie banners,” said Max Schrems, an Austrian privacy advocate who played a key role in pushing for the regulation. “They’ve become almost a useless exercise.”

Actually, it is worse. In practice, the proliferation of cookie banners has both numbed people to their purpose and given companies yet another way to manipulate users.

Companies have turned cookie banners into a tool that does the opposite of what regulators intended. You’ve heard of “search engine optimization”? There are now firms, called consent management platforms, that are promising “consent rate optimization”— meaning they create cookie banners that will move people to hit the “accept” button. One simple example: According to one study, removing the “opt out” button on the front page of the cookie banner increases consent by 22 or 23 percentage points. Some of these companies say they can achieve a consent rate of 90 percent.


Every night, I run free Superantispyware to clean out the cookies that infested my computer during the day. The first time I ran it, there were over 1400 cookies. Now I sweep out about 10 per day.

Housekeeping chores.

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