OT: Hard learning

I can’t suppose to understand the investment strategies and fortitude of most of the folks here on this board. Sure, with Saul (it’s his board) and Bear and a few others – they share. But investment strategies are like candy… everyone likes a certain flavor or mix, and all taste good to the eater. Er, investor.

For me, the hardest part is selling. I’ve been taught and learned over a couple decades to ‘buy and hold.’ It’s actually served me well, though probably not as well as David Gardner or the folks here. A few big winners cover many losers and help me beat the averages.

So now I’m looking at my big winners and thinking to sell them, thinking to invest in new, smaller, lesser-known companies. Hell, I sold some FB and NFLX back in the day to pay cash for my home. That was so, so nice. Sleeping better, knowing my home is mine. Actually, ours.

Then I bought back in to NFLX and FB.

Eh… I don’t need to be ‘perfect’ in my investments and returns. I just want to continually improve. I’'m gonna dump some FAANG for some PANM / cloud Monday. Or by the end of next week…



Hey Kip !

I hear ya … like you, I have investments in companies for the purpose of augmenting my lifestyle. That means I am NOT trying to make a killing or get rich quick. But I do think many (if not most) fall into the latter bracket. They strive to be one of those who made their fortune in the stock market. How unfortunate. I look at stocks as a “savings account” that pays a better interest rate than any local savings institution. I have no monetary debt and when I need to purchase a large ticket item, I’ll dip into my “savings” to pay for it.

Keep up your good work,
Rich (haywool)