OT -- Larry David doesn't do uncompensated overtime



Reminds a little bit of a time in my career.

I applied for a job posting at work and thought I was a shoe-in. A couple of days after my interview, the division VP called a staff meeting and announced that the job was going to someone else. I had no heads up and I was stunned. Went back to my office, and spent the rest of the day composing my resignation letter.

Went home and ranted and raved to Ms. Wolf about how unjust the world is and how I got stiffed and I was quitting my job in the morning. After 20 minutes of ranting, Ms. Wolf looked at me with great sympathy and compassion and said “I know you’re angry and frustrated, but you have 2 children, a wife, and a mortgage. So tomorrow morning you’re going to drag your behind (not the actual word she used) out of bed, go to work, and do a great job until you get another job. Then you can quit.”

Being the man of the house, I, of course, had the last words; “Yes dear.”


We are fundamentally communal and not individualistic animals.

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And that is why “JCs” know they can get away with cheating their Proles on a daily basis. A few will find another job, eventually, but there are plenty more Proles where they came from.



More recently a friend of mine in Starbucks during the morning rushes to work, he gets another job. Big mistake. He was working with Dell in pre-sales. He is 6’ 4’ white male. The company gives him a management title. He wants a promotion.

Meanwhile, Dell promotes a pregnant woman to comanage his presales team with him. She immediately takes leave because she is very pregnant. She never works with him. When she is set to come back after the delivery of the baby she gets the promotion to a job above him.

He kicks himself for not applying for the job she got.

He looks outside of Dell.

A bit about his job. He only has five major clients. It is a cushy job. Highly paid. But he wants command of people. He did not realise he was not supposed to have command only the title.

He gets a job in presales with a much smaller startup also selling servers like he was at Dell. But this time he has 34 small clients who own him.

The new company has 4000 workers. Now that he is inside that company he sees no avenue to rise through the ranks. He is in his 50s with young kids working much harder for less money.

When he was leaving Dell his bosses were angry with him.

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