OT: MacDraw

Looking back into the '90s I did a lot of stuff for work, here at home using MacDraw & MacDraw II, but now I have nothing that will open those files, keep the format as it was… Even GraphicConverter fails to do anything useful…

Any ideas?

Apple should never have let it flounder, or at least had a conversion to PDF or some other format…

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An off-the-wall idea. Try Infinite Mac - https://macos8.app/ . Transfer in the old files & load them into the old version of GraphicConverter / ClarisWorks and then save them in a more easily transferable format. No guarantees, but a 1/2 hour of testing would see if it could work.


Aha… will take a peek, thanks!

Well, worth a shot, but I guess a little too early, easy to get lost in old games like ‘Troubled Souls’, and other things, ClarisWorks is pretty early… But, a fun bit of history… No MacDraw yet it seems…

Anyway, thanks for the memories!