OT: Marine Traffic...

There is a free app called “Marine Traffic”.

A friend of mine in STL who regularly imports goods from China for her customers, sees a marked change of container ships coming to Long Beach.

As a business person with decades of experience, she says that she is very concerned by the lack of ships heading to Long Beach.

Also, despite Target and Walmart having too much inventory and needing to discount prices to get back inventory moving. Dhe said that Amazon’s warehouses are unusually low on goods to sell.

This is annecdotal info from a friend who has relied on the supply chain for decades and has noticed a marked change recently and is worried.

Consider using this sort of app to directly monitor the economy.




With the Shanghai etc shut downs, it’s not unreasonable to suppose that the amount of goods ready for export has been slammed.
Shortages will last a while.

She said that Amazon’s warehouses are unusually low on goods to sell.

Well, the warehouses seem to have a low “occupancy”, but they may not be a lack of goods but a surfeit of space.
Note Amazon’s recent statements that they have too much warehouse space and staff for demand.
Reports are that they are looking at subletting ~10m sq ft of space, equivalent to about 12 fulfillment centres.
They roughly doubled space since the start of the pandemic, and that seems to have been too much too fast.