OT: Mark Chaikin Analytics/ power gauge works?

I came across this ad on Mark Chaikin and his investment products…It sounded like a lot of hyperbole and too good to be true…but I am too much of a novice to say with any sense of authority whether something really works or not.

I was surprised to see that when I googled it, there were hardly any legitimate reviews on his products…almost everything that comes across is his own advertisements…and the few apparent review sites is pretty lame in that it is obvious that they are paid and biased.

On the other side, it looks like there is actually even a stock investing metric that is named after him…So, I am genuinely confused and since there are folks here who may have a wealth of experience (good and bad), I wanted to get your thoughts.

Thanks a lot,

I was not interested in investing in his portfolio or product. But just wanted to know, what people felt on his investment products and performance… Having had a first hand experience of stock advisor, I am not going to commit any more similar errors… However, It is amazing to see the number of such newsletters out there…